Thursday, June 23, 2016


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We live in the era that  socializing over smartphone are more common than open a conversation with a stranger in front of us. You can say that the world is quieter from people's speaking sound, though louder and noisier in written status and comments on social media. So, from a large number of friends we have on our social media, does this make people transform to a social butterflies? When you can say anything, anytime, to anyone (anonymously), do you think you are socializing enough?

Sadly, no. One real indicator to measure if a person is in a good relationship with someone is by feeling the silence between them. Yes, it's not by measure the qualities of the conversation, but it's the opposite. Maybe you can discuss, listen, or even argue with your partner, but it doesn't make you good at socializing. The real thing is begin when you two are quiet, playing with silence and enjoy the moment without hesitation to do anything more or less than that. This is what makes you a good socializer.

The stranger beside you can be asking some weird question seconds later, or even just stares you with a smile. But if you can stand the silence, you are ok. If you don't feel burdened by the quiet moment, not checking you phone or thinking some cheesy chit-chat to break the silence, you are a good socializer, who can connect with people loudly or silently.

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