Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Favorite Books

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When talking about books, most of the books that I love so much was novel with psychological twist inside and the historical one. Take a look at "Harimau-harimau" by Mochtar Lubis, "Ziarah" by Iwan Simatupang, and "The Outsider" by Albert Camus. At first sight, these novels sometimes was seen as crazy works, but when you read it, you can feel the wisdom thoughts of life, death, and the meaning of human itself. You can laugh at yourself when you are agreed from writer's dark humor, yet you can be in a love-hate relationship with the writer's statement about life.

From the historical section, I am fond of Tetralogi Buru by P.A.T and works of Ken Follet. Writing a history can be very tricky, with traps like choosing the right angles and sides which can make the result quite tendentious (and trashy). But those two writers are clever; P.A.T. writing about marginal groups and Follet are taking both sides angles so they can avoid of being so tendentious. Besides their capability of making such a good and meaningful storyline, those skill are one thing that makes their novels great.

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