Monday, June 27, 2016


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I bet you have ever watch Sesame Street in television. It's funny and entertaining for a kid, no? In this program, there are a lot of funny yet adorable character like the pig, the frog, and the others. I never paid attention to a special character when I watch this as a kid. But when I grew up and taking my higher education in university, I just realized one thing: The Cookie Monster is quite cute and cool.

With its blue fur and his awkward movements, he looks really adorable. Not to mention his job as a (doll) entertainer and his hobbies for life: eating cookies. He live by eating cookies, earn money by eating them in front of camera, and known  with a nickname that represent what he likes the most. How could life go wrong for him? 

That time, I disappointed with my life. Why is there are no jobs as a cookie eater in the world that I live in? T_T



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