Saturday, June 25, 2016


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Love hurts/But sometimes its a good hurt/Cause it feel like I'm alive../

Those are a snippet view from Incubus's song lyric, Love Hurt. At a glance, those lines feels a little bit masochistic, no? How could you say that a pain causes by love would be feel so good? Well, it might seems hard to understand, but it's true. Pain are good for you.

Life is beautiful. Life is a bless, especially if you are born in a good family. As a child, world is a big playground full of adventurous journey to explored. But we are forced to get old, and life doesn't seem so easy anymore. We have to fight, compete, and likely to fall many times to stand on our feet today. Life is such a pain.

But it's a good pain, anyway. You are ready to fight harder, because of the failures you've experienced. You are ready to learn more, because of your desire for not to fall behind. And thus, you are ready to love more because of the heartbreak, the desire to preserve things you love the most, to keep them for not feeling the pain you've ever tasted.

ODOP-Day 3


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